Malicious Women Candle Co

Malicious Women Candle Co. isn't just about the sass and good smells. Their story begins with Laura, a dear friend of Malicious Women's founder, Lacie, whom she met 24 years ago at the mailbox of their shitty apartments while their husbands were deployed in the US Navy. When Lacie lost her “Heart Friend” Laura to suicide, she was driven to do something for those who might be suffering. The mission of MWCC is to present hope, love and humor to those who are struggling with depression, anxiety, suicide, addiction, self harm, and all other personal battles that are overwhelming. Each candle created is inspired by Laura: her kindness, her strength, humor & maliciousness. 

Since 2017, MWCC has donated over $8,000 by check to charities supporting suicide prevention, charities supporting women's issues & empowerment programs, breast health awareness and to programs providing food & essentials to Federal workers impacted by the 2019 Government shutdown and continue to support various programs.